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for support please contact us via eMail with a description of your system:

  • information about your hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU/VRAM)

  • information about your operating system

  • information about the error or problem


The manual is stored in game folder / subfolder 'Documents'
Download manual (english): Manual - Eve of Destruction - Redux - EN


Decompress the downloaded file to any target folder.
You'll get 2 installer files: one for Win 32 and one for Win 64 Bit.
If you don't know your OS Bit rate right-click the computer icon / Properties and read wich OS is installed.
Double-click the correct installer and follow the instructions.
It's recommended to create a desktop icon.

Uncompress the installation file to any folder your prefer.
It's compressed with 7-Z but any other packer may uncompress the file too.
Please make sure the file access rights are set to 755 so you can run the program.
Now there are 2 files In the target folder: x86 for 32 and x86_64 for 64 Bit Linux systems.

Skip Intro

You may skip the small intro after the start dialog:
right click the desktop icon
target: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Eve of Destruction\Eve of Destruction.exe'
change to:
'C:\Program Files (x86)\Eve of Destruction\Eve of Destruction.exe' -skipintro


You may increase the performance for older PC or systems with performance issues by doing the following:
disable shadows. decrease the visual range, disable wind, details and sounddetails in game.
Select a lower screen resolution and a lower graphics quality.

Game won't start

If you've edited the settings manually, a little mistake can cause crashes for the game.
Also a corrupt settings file can make the game crashing.
If you delete the settings folder you will be able to repair this, but don't forget: the highscores get lost.
The settings are stored in:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Agger Interactive\Eve of Destruction
(Linux: root | .config | unity3d | Agger Interactive | Eve of Destruction)

Mouse offset in Linux

In some Linux distributions the mouse may be offset in the menu.
Atm. there's no other solution for this problem but a workaround:
- start the game in windowed mode
- go to options/graphics and switch to windowed and back to fullscreen
The mouse should be correct now.

Known issues

- 32 Bit systems may get out of memory after a long time of play and loading a lot of maps.
  Unfortunatelly there's no solution for this problem but you may upgrade your system to 64 Bit and 4GB of RAM (more is better).