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System requirements
A lot of different factors are important for a good game performance.
Please check if you have active tasks that are not needed to save ressources and increase system power.

The game should run without problems on medium-class PC built from 2010 till today.

Minimum Requirements:

64 Bit Operating System Linux / Mac / Windows*
* Eve of Destruction will run on a 32 Bit OS with 3 GB RAM but with the restriction that it may crash (out of memory) while playing mapcycles or playing a long time and loading a lot of maps.

Minimum Requirements:

- 2,8 GHZ Dual Core
- 3 GB RAM
- 3D graphics 512 MB VRAM (medium-class)
- sound card
- keyboard
- mouse
- Internet connection for online multiplayer games
  (tested with: E5-8500, 3.16GHz, 4GB, GT9800-512)

- 3,4 GHz Quad Core or better
- 8 GB RAM or more
- 3D graphics 2048 RAM (medium- or upper-class)
- sound card
- keyboard
- mouse
- Internet connection for online multiplayer games
  (coded with: i5-3570k, 3.4GHz, 16GB, GTX660-2048)

Eve of Destruction has a lot of vehicles (bikes, jeeps, trucks, APCs, tanks, helicopters, aircrafts, boats, ships and many more), and a stately number of handweapons.
The game comes with a lot of different landscapes/levels.

Primarily the game is targeting for multiplayer online games but you can also play in singleplayer mode with different missions.

The vehicles and weapons sometimes have different functions. Please test it in game (mouse wheel / right mouse button).

Please familiarise with the different mouse and key functions (W, A, S, D etc.). You can see the functions in the games main menu / options.

Alternatively you can control the vehicles with controller or joystick, but there's no compatibility guarantee cause of the extremely different hardware.

You don't need a server for online multiplayer games.
Just start a 'room' and set the maximum number of players, level and duration and start the game.
Or you can join an existing room with players online.

Eve of Destruction will save the configuration and highscores in

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Agger Interactive\Eve of Destruction
(Linux: root | .config | unity3d | Agger Interactive | Eve of Destruction)

Please don't edit these files or you may damage the game and get crashes!

Eve of Destruction was founded in 2002 as a modification (MOD) for Battlefield 1942. Till 2012 the MOD was developed and played by a lot of people. 10 years is a very long time for a PC game.

There have been also modifications for Battlefield:Vietnam and Battlefield-2, but these haven't been so popular and were discontinued after a short time.

In 2013 the game was completely rebuilt and received it's own engine based upon Unity 3D.

Because it's not possible for one person to create everything new from scratch (3D models, textures, sound, code, animations etc.) a lot of things had to be bought or extended with 'freeware'.

Unity's asset store and Turbosquid helped a lot with nice 3D models.


The Team
Actually EoD-Redux is a one-man-show. But without a lot of help the project couldn't be released.
Many thanks go to my son Sven (SirVen|EoD) who spent a lot of time with building and increasing 3D models!

You can see the whole credits list in the games main menu.