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March 1, 2017 - 15 years EoD, price reduction and update release!

15 years EoD
15 years ago the mod-team and the modification for Battlefield were founded.

After EoD for Battlefield 1942 in 2003 the game/modification was released for Battlefield:Vietnam in 2005 and for Battlefield 2 in 2007 before it got a standalone game with EoD-Redux in 2016.

Discount on the anniversary
We take this anniversary as an opportunity to reduce the price for EoD to around 50%.
The full version is available now for 9,90 EUR instead of 19,90 EUR in our shop!
(Punji Edition 19,90 EUR instead of 32,90 EUR)

Update Release - EoD v4.0.917 available
As announced an updated version is available now, which is really extensive.
In addition to significantly better AI, there is now also a campaign-mode, artillery support and many other improvements. 5 new maps increase the mappool to 45 maps!

Checkout the new demo or if you already purchased the game go to the shop and download the new full version.

February 21, 2017 - Run through the jungle Update March 2017
A month after the last update the next is already in the starting blocks. In addition to 5 new maps from the early EoD times, the attention was given to improve the AI. But other things have been improved as well and many useful suggestions of players could be implemented.

The release is planned for March, but first things first...

The completely wrong Nambu could at last be replaced by a TT-33 model!
news0048.jpg (98399 Byte)

Binoculars for request of artillery support
The binoculars can now requesting artillery support. This feature should be used only on large distances ;)

Spectator mode improved
The spec-camera is now freely rotatable and can be switched to the next BOT by pressing 'K'.

AI enhancements
Bots can be sometimes very difficult.
Everyone does what he wants, nobody does what he should, but everyone joins!
To improve this the AI code has been completely revised.
The result is much more action in game.
Of course it still can happen that a bot still doesn't know where to go first, but this should be reduced to some seconds now.

5 new maps
4 old maps from the early times of EoD and 1 brandnew map were implemented:

Run through the jungle
Two action-packed infantry modes are available and bring a different feel of the game in each mode.

A deep gorge, a temple in the forest and huts on an indomitable mountain were the trademark of Closefire. All of this was retained in the new edition and the flair of the map is breathtaking.
As a bonus, this map is also available in zombie mode (night-time)!

Battle of Long Tan
A brandnew map is Battle of Long Tan (1966) where 108 inexperienced Australian soldiers had to defend their base against 2500 Vietcong.
In addition, you can play this map as 'Doorgunner'.

Marble Mountain
If the weather outside is pressing on your mind you should consider playing this beautifulweathermap! The NVA has to take this hill by walking or with the tank...

A Shau Valley
Oldies but goldies. Another conversion of an old EoD map.

Planned Release-Date: March 2017

January 20, 2017 - Update Release!
As promised, a first major update comes right at the beginning of the year.
In addition to other improvements to the AI, the accuracy and much more, there is some new content.

Checkout the new demo or if you already purchased the game go to the shop and download the new full version.

Operation Arc Light
The map Operation Arc Light is a pure dogfight map. Beginners is recommended to display the player's name, to distinguish friend from enemy :)

Dien Bien Phu
In the "first part of the Viet Nam war' the French fought against the Viet Minh. The Viet Minh team was newly included in the game and is nothing more than the Vietcong just with other hats.
These hats look a little bit ugly, but they shouldn't be more pretty than in real life ;)

Checkout the new demo or if you already purchased the game go to the shop and download the new full version.